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pricing information

Pricing shown is for advanced orders only.

$3.00 per dozen

$7.49 per dozen

$15.00 per dozen

$24.00 per dozen

Available in Chocolate Chip, M&M, or Monster.

3 inch cookie with buttercream icing & sprinkles.

One dozen mini cookies = Baker's dozen + more! (15 cookies total)

5 inch cookie with buttercream icing & sprinkles.

Pricing starting at

Holiday, Special Order, Personalized Sugar Cookies

$18.00 per dozen

Pricing based upon design

Mini Cookies

Regular Cookies

Iced Sugar Cookies, Regular

Iced Sugar Cookies, Extra Large



even though they're baked!

we put the cook in Cookie . . .

The cookies pictured below are the "mini" size, and various sizing options are available in-store and with custom orders.

All prices vary between in-store purchases and custom orders.


Sugar Cookie

The sugariest of sugar cookies.


Macadamia Nut

It's so nutty, it's great!


Oatmeal Raisin

This is an even healthier cookie.

It has fruit!


Triple Chocolate

The chocolatiest of cookies, this is the one that holds pure joy.

Seasonal Item Only


Strawberry Gooey Butter

So strawberry. So gooey. So amazing.


Red Velvet Sandwich

A dollop of cream cheese sandwiched between two red velvet cookies. Delicious.

Seasonal Item Only


Chocolate Chip

The original cookie.

The whole reason this bakery began. The masterpiece.



These cookies may be monsters, but they're just SCARY good!

- contains peanut butter -



They don't laugh, they're just too good.


Yellow Gooey Butter

As the gooey-est cookie of them all, this is our second-most popular item.


Red Velvet Gooey Butter

The gooey-ness and the velvety-ness only compliment each other.

- seasonal item only-


Peanut Butter Kiss

A peanut butter cookie, topped with a Hersey Kiss and an extra dollop of love.



It's a chocolate chip cookie with a bonus.



The sweetest breakfast you could possibly have!


Peanut Butter

Sprinkled with sugar, this is one of the most satisfying cookies.

- contains peanut butter -

Choco Gooey Butter 2.jpg

Chocolate Gooey Butter

The gooey-ness and the velvety-ness only compliment each other.

3D Turtle Puzzle

Turtle Gooey Butter

Unlike a real turtle, these cookies are NOT slow to the taste!

Pricing Information
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