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A little bit

about us

Who are we?

Well, let us tell you!


My name is Ginger Bailey, and I am the owner and cake decorator at the Ginger Bean Bakery. Our team here at Ginger Bean Bakery is honored and proud to serve our customers the highest caliber of quality and deliciousness in baked goods since early 2015.  


Our loyal customers have trusted us hundreds of times over to enhance their lives most cherished celebrations one cake, one cookie, one cupcake at a time.  This is a tradition we value & it fuels our motivation each day at Ginger Bean Bakery.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

On February 11, 2015, we moved into Buck's Crossing. Ginger Bean Bakery now serves people all around the greater southwest Illinois area! 

left, Marsha Mortensen - Head Baker

right, Ginger Bailey - owner

Buck's Crossing

A great place to be!

Buck's Crossing is a place where everyone in the Medora area comes to hang out! From the regular coffee drinkers in the morning to the kids getting out of school, everyone stops by Buck's.

It has fountain soda, hot and cold food, gaming machines, a beer cave, a drive through, and of course, cupcakes and cookies!

Left - Ginger Bailey (owner, Ginger Bean Bakery)

Right - Julie and Ken Loy (owner, Buck's Crossing)

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